The interplay between these four elements is lost on most people.

Picture a desert.  Not that kind.  Imagine one instead that used to have healthy grasses growing on it, or was a body of water.  Unfortunately, it is easy to find examples of this almost everywhere these days.  Desertification is on the rise.

With unprecedented […]


Doing social and environmental good in the Age of Trump

By Daniel Robin

Multiple recent articles (examples of EdTech receiving $5m from the Kellogg Foundation, and many others) indicate that impact investing has reached investors of all ages and backgrounds, not just the liberal progressives in California and New England, but hardcore angels and institutional investors, […]


Santa Cruz Arts & Technology Festival PRESENTS

A Panel Discussion: Water,
Agriculture & Permaculture

Thu., May 11, 2017 · 6:30-9:00 pm

Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH)

Daniel Robin, Moderator – Managing Partner, In3 Group, impact investing and renewables finance Gerasimos Christoforatos – […]


The long and challenging process of securing capital for worthwhile projects using established clean technologies just got easier.

The traditional approach is expensive and fraught with more than a few pitfalls, most of which go unnoticed until far too much “sweat equity” has been poured in.  This “pain” has been happily disrupted […]


In3 Group and In3 Capital Partners launch “RAIN,” project readiness assessment and project finance platform, at LAC-CORE Finance Summit in Florida.  In3 Group is silver sponsor of the summit, with Managing Partner Daniel Robin leading a briefing & workshop on this revolutionary expert system, and serving as a panelist to select the Top Innovators pitching at the LAC-CORE Finance Summit, […]


Don’t miss this opportunity to present and be recognized as one of the Top Innovators presenting at the LAC-CORE Finance Summit, held at the Ritz Carlton, Miami, FL, in early October.  Selected companies get free registration (otherwise $2,100), prestige, publicity and useful feedback and validation.

In3 Capital Partners is a […]


Bring your business plan’s elevator pitch and learn how to gain an edge with investors.

Half-Day Workshops in San Francisco/Monterey Bay Area
Essential skills for presenting a winning proposal to prospective investors

Purpose: The main objective of this program is to ensure you communicate the value of your business plan and investment opportunity to prospective […]


Pitching to investors? What could possibly go wrong? Mistake #1 Lost rapport with listener due to ignoring their subtle, non-verbal (but usually highly visible) cues

Presenters often pay more attention to what they are saying (and how they are saying it) than to how the listener is receiving their message.


Before preparing your talk, find […]