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In3 provides access to non-traditional funding for projects through partnering, business development and de-risking, loan packaging and other services. We preferentially support projects that have positive social and/or environmental impacts. (more)

Access to US Finance

With access to commercial bank financing still sharply limited, In3 offers "alternative" financing strategies for today’'s underserved enterprises. (more)
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If your enterprise or team seeks medium- to long-term debt finance from $1 million-$250 million, equity partners, risk insurance, or impact capital for one or more projects that would benefit the people and environment of the host country, we may be able to help (more).

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Why In3 Finance?

Impact Capital Advisors & Development Finance Partners — Simplicity Without Compromise

In3 Finance, part of In3 Group, increases your probability of success, faster.

The main objective of In3 Finance is to provide faster and easier access to capital for renewables, social and environmental impact ventures and companies working in emerging markets.  We can help take you where banks would typically not dare to invest, with attractive loans, equity investments, and grants. Loans offer competitive interest rates (both fixed and variable), flexible payment terms, and innovative loan structures. We partner with you to achieve alignment with funder requirements, stronger and more useful business plans, clear and effective presentation, and risk mitigation.  We really listen to ensure the optimal capital solutions and skillfully-executed fundraising strategies.

Renewable Energy and Renewable Resources IndustriesForming a winning business plan and the necessary capital to execute that plan can take more time and patience than most business executives possess.  We stand for knocking down barriers, easing the process, being systematic, trustworthy and dependable.

We deliver our services with steady, patient attention to detail.  Those details often make the difference between “good idea” and “together, we got it done.”

We help finance start-ups (institutional money requires substantial experience in the industry and host country), expansion projects, renovations, retrofits (such as for energy efficiency), refinancing and acquisitions. We build long-term relationships that deliver results via these services.  See our In3 client history.

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