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Green path to successWe work with project development teams and established companies to accelerate fundraising and readiness for capital in our areas of expertise.

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Who We Are

We are an experienced team of “boutique” financial services practitioners preferentially supporting Clean Energy and Green Infrastructure developers and investors to profit together.  How?  Through streamlined and accelerated access to middle-market private capital using a dedicated expert system.  See management team.

We also serve mid-market companies in other sectors (sometimes also called small and medium-size enterprises or SMEs*), and startups or “greenfield” projects as well as established companies seeking expansion capital, or for retrofits, refinancing or refurbishment (such as replacing capital equipment).  Note that the requirements for securing investment are more stringent when there is additional development or operations (working capital) funding required, and/or limited operating history.  But we are good at dealing with that challenge.

Our Purpose — why are we committed to this work?

Over the next few decades, the world will transition to a low-carbon economy influenced by the imperatives of climate change, energy security, limits on natural resources, population- and emerging market growth. Economic disparities and lack of access to capital — both financial and social — slow down this transition, which ultimately requires huge amounts of capital to be invested into innovative structures and strategies, creating unique investment opportunities.

The main objective of In3 Finance is to deliver capital for impact industries — dozens of diverse cleantech, renewables, and sustainability-oriented sectors — via projects and transactions in emerging markets and developing economies.  This is also called “impact finance” or “development finance” (not the same thing, but related) and has become an important tool for private businesses seeking to expand overseas, enter new markets, or renovate/upgrade existing capital structures.

Since the 2008 global economic crisis, SMEs have been at a disadvantage due to the global liquidity contraction in the banking system.  In3 Finance eases some of this exclusion with access to competitive-rate loans, loan guaranties, hybrids of debt and equity, and related services for qualified companies.

Based in the Monterey Bay Area of California, we deliver a wide range of services to startups and established enterprises including funding, financial and risk analysis, market and competitive analyses, transaction de-risking, funding structure and fund raising strategy consulting, business development coaching, business planning and deal packaging.  See more at services or our funding criteria.

  • Most of our clients considered or actually approached a traditional bank for finance before coming to In3
  • 88% received some assistance from us with their business plan, financial model, and loan application
  • Better than 97% of projects received loan approval.  Equity is more hit-and-miss, as it depends on investor appetite aligned with management’s offer.  Getting to terms can be challenging.

Startups, Renovations or Expansions working in these countries or the US are all welcome.

Our Industry Experience:  We have the greatest expertise in the following cleantech industries:

  • renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, wave/tidal, biomass) and biofuels
  • water conservation, water purification and filtration (especially if energy efficient), waste water management, etc.
  • biomass into value — biomaterials such as biochar, bioplastics, fibers, fabrics or fine chemicals, biolubricants, agricultural inputs such as biopesticides and fertilizers, etc.
  • functional foods & beverages, health, wellness and nutrition, nutraceuticals and other “natural” health products
  • food and sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, natural resource and forestry management
  • waste management and resource recovery, municipal waste-to-energy, waste-to-value and waste conversion.

If you represent a construction-ready project in clean energy (solar, wind, small hydro, geothermal), storage, biomass, waste conversion or water, then please visit In3 Capital Partners and complete our RAIN assessment for fast-track access to capital.

We also have experience in energy storage, efficiency and electric vehicle transportation and other, sustainability-related fields including green building, architectural design & construction, commercial LED lighting, biopolymers, durable composites and others.

Your Future Success:  If you have a project that is in need of financing, require assistance to make your project bankable, are looking for help in identifying an acquirer or investor, including advisory services in structuring or negotiating a transaction, or are interested in furthering your strategy in emerging markets, please contact us. We would be pleased to discuss how we may be of service to you. +1.831-761-0700

To get started, use our Readiness and Investment Navigator (RAIN) interactive tool to see how your project stacks up.  More at qualify.

* A small-to-medium sized enterprise (SME) has annual revenues of less than $400 million in sales/revenue and where sales/revenue is not relevant, then up to $100 million net worth.

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