In3 Services — What We Offer

We help entrepreneurs to quickly and reliably secure project finance and accelerate their commercial success in the US and emerging markets worldwide.

Getting through the gauntlet of raising capital ... We provide access to diverse sources of impact capital, vetting or due diligence services, business development and investment facilitation services to growing US and international companies.  This includes term loans, equity investment, technical assistance grants, and other forms of non-traditional capital such as convertible debt, quasi-equity, revenue contracts and working capital lines of credit, loan guarantees, and more.

Our focus is renewable resources — energy, food, water, materials — but we are open to any industry that delivers social and/or environmental benefits.

GETTING STARTED:  If seeking project finance, we recommend you begin with an honest, self-appraisal to assist with figuring out the best way forward.  Use our Readiness and Innovation Navigator (RAIN) — it takes only 5-10 minutes and will help expedite your fundraising.

Overview of In3 Services (click on a topic to learn more):

  • RAISING CAPITAL:  We help you qualify for the best possible investment terms and asset valuations, greatly increase the probability of a successful infusion, and reduce the time it takes.  About impact funding, FAQ, our client history.
  • LOAN PACKAGING/ORIGINATION:  As a designated loan originator with respected industry credentials (we are certified by Moody’s Analytics), we work closely with development finance institutions, sovereign wealth, family office and impact investment funds, and can offer guidance on crowdfunding approaches when appropriate, to help you win investor support while avoiding “blind alleys” along the way.  Our services save you time and money in the long-run by increasing the odds of loan approval at the best available rates.
    Ask us about our financeability report; we want to know your initial point score to better serve you … and it’s fast and free.
  • DEVELOPMENT GRANTS: From smaller technical assistance grants to larger working capital and equipment grants, qualified individuals and companies can leverage funding in areas targeted for development.
  • RISK MITIGATION: We bring fresh perspective and non-judgmental advocacy for presenting your deal with issues handled, strengths apparent, and finance well justified. Most risks are just lack of having an effective mitigation plan.
  • STRATEGIC ADVISORY:  For planning, developing and financing your project or venture, with years of experience and track record of success with advising startups, governments, and established companies.
  • COACHING & EDUCATION: Workshop leaders since 1985, and certified in coaching and facilitation, we bring expertise in both subject matter and learning strategies, making our programs an invaluable investment.  We also bring workplace diplomacy, team development and communication expertise; if you need these services, visit Daniel Robin & Associates.

We prefer to partner with our client companies and work in collaboration, and would be happy to discuss your situation after you’ve explored this website’s tools and information FAQ or reviewed how to qualify for project finance.  We’ve been in operation since 1996 and have a long history of success working with clients that have used these services; you can benefit, too.

Raising money, as if nature had something to do with itRaising Impact Capital:  We advise and assist project teams, developers, and investment partners/sponsors to obtain cost-effective capital. We offer a program of vetting and optimization that investors rely on for giving projects due consideration.  We provide strategic insights on the best ways to structure and populate the capital stack, sometimes involving multiple financing sources or multiple rounds of finance, to achieve project goals.

Since 1996, In3 has partnered with clients in diverse industries to help them raise money — debt, equity, convertible debt, grants, revenue contracts, joint ventures and more — for US operations as well as in emerging markets and developing countries. (See also, related article on impact funding.)

The main capital that we have obtained for clients in the current economy (since 2008) is low-APR term loans (3-20 years), for at least $5 million and up to $400 million or more.  Average loan size as of 2016 is $21.5 million, with 6.5 year tenor, but this is trending upward as larger projects ($120 million or more) have become more popular with our investors.  We also can assist with attracting equity partners, or “quasi-equity” (also called C-loans; see below) when appropriate.  Our fees are commensurate with risks and the amount of work required to obtain capital.

We maintain an active, “curated” network of mostly private sources that specialize in renewables and/or development finance, impact finance with social and/or environmental benefits, or other much-needed solutions in the middle market (see Our Sweet Spot).  We understand the need for effective, long-term relationships, including equity and JV partnerships, which allows us to vet deals and introduce only the projects or ventures that fit each investor’s profile. This deal flow saves both parties time and effort, not wasting time on the companies unsuitable to the investor nor vice versa.

Our interest as a service provider (In3 Capital Partners takes no fees from investors for capital formation) gives clients the freedom to accept only the best-available terms.  Our goal is to assist clients to reach a wide range of connections and investors that would be otherwise difficult to access.  This is “alternative” capital — not from commercial banks — and includes “boutique” (highly specialized) impact investors, private family offices, and institutional lenders such as development banks, pension fund managers, and pre-screened groups.

We are capable of working with short-term financing needs, such as buyouts, tax equities, import-export or bridge loans, as part of a services package.

Industry Focus:  Our clients are mostly in these diverse industries (more than 30 to date) with one thing in common — they all deliver some form of social and/or environmental impact (by itself, making a profit is not enough) — including renewable energy (utility-scale and commercial-scale solar, wind, small hydroelectricity, biomass), renewable resources (agriculture, agroforestry, aquaculture, aquaponics, water-related), waste conversion (municipal or industrial waste-to-energy, biofuels, or other “biomaterials” products such as biochar/carbon black for filtration, biopolymers for fabrics, textiles, or specialty ‘green’ chemicals such as biopesticides), energy efficiency (commercial-scale LED lighting retrofits), energy storage, eco-housing/real estate/communities, health (natural products, nutraceuticals, value chain) & other B2B cleantech (smart grids, microgrids … ) or sustainability.

The most attractive terms can be obtained by de-risking and carefully preparing plans and proposals.  We work with both US companies and overseas companies doing business in emerging markets and developing economies.  See list.

Note on forms of capital:  Quasi-equity instruments have both debt and equity characteristics. One option is convertible debt (starts off as a loan then converts to equity based on milestones reached), which compared to senior, subordinated or mezzanine debt, offers more flexible repayment terms.

Other options include preferred stock, multiple classes of shares to separate financial interest from control, and income-based or revenue contract investments. Quasi-equity investments are just one option in the capital stack to ensure that a project is soundly funded.  Ask if your project qualifies.

Loan Packaging or Origination:  We help determine the best options for loans in these markets, then assist with “packaging” — preparing or polishing the loan documents, including any necessary financial modeling, business plans, loan application forms, and other materials requiring analysis and clear/concise communication. In general, expansion capital (when the operating company has been in the line of business 3 or more years) is faster to obtain than “greenfield” projects, as are projects involving renovation, refurbishment, or retrofits (such as for energy efficiency). We do work with startup or “greenfield” projects, cross-border joint venture partnerships … teams seeking project finance from other than commercial bank sources (including the multilateral development banks, private impact investors, some family office, sovereign funds, larger angels and angel groups).  We have earned a success rate of better than 98% since inception.  References available.

We also offer deal syndication (multiple concurrent investors) for industries and projects in host countries where we have the most experience. Loan terms typically offer attractive, market rates of interest, and customary financing costs and fees borne by the borrower.  Some projects qualify for concessionary (below market-rate) loan terms.  With interest rates at historic lows, this might be the perfect time to obtain a fixed-rate or variable-rate term loan.

After completing a fast and easy self-assessment, feel free to ask us for an estimate of costs and timeframes.  Refer also to our industry Sweet Spot, Frequently Asked Questions, or a summary of How to Qualify for development finance loans.

Seed Stage/Grant Funding:  We help determine the best options for venture development and seed stage grants in emerging markets, which vary greatly by region, then we can assist with preparing the grant program description and making initial inquiries. We enjoy close working relationships with diverse sources of Technical Assistance grants, feasibility study grants, and startup project assistance (seed stage) grants up to US $1,500,000.

Risk Mitigation:  We systematically de-risk your investment opportunity using a variety of mitigation strategies including careful planning & analysis, risk insurance, credit enhancement (such as loan guarantees), and other tools based on industry standards applied to your unique situation.

Strategic Advisory for planning, developing and financing:  Business plan critique and development, financial model reviews, and assistance with meeting lender requirements are also available. Our advisory services are usually arranged as a package within a tightly-defined scope of work (1-page roadmap available upon request), and would typically include one or more of the following

  1. Capital formation strategy — identify and pre-qualify the optimal source(s) of private or institutional debt finance, sometimes supplemented by private equity investments, subordinated debt, or other forms.  Start by using our Readiness & Innovation Navigator (RAIN), then evaluate your options.
  2. Business planning — we can help develop or polish your project business plan (quite different than a venture investment business plan; review the differences), to ensure that your proposed project meets with success. If you already have a project business plan, we also offer effective review or critique, once the capital sources(s) have been identified.
  3. Project financial model and cash flow analysis and ratio requirements review
  4. Transaction de-risking — Risk analysis and mitigation solutions such as loan guarantees or, pledges of collateral, credit enhancement, and for some projects, evaluate the need for available risk insurance
  5. Management team qualifications (resume/CV) review to capture highlights; identify how to present any gaps
  6. Structuring transactions, including coordinating with attorneys, accountants and other professionals
  7. Project search/selection/development: Not yet clear about the project itself? Elements or partners missing? Issues that need to be resolved before proceeding? Ask us for confidential consultation.
  8. Pre-qualification project evaluation prior to application — assess the degree of fit prior to making a contractual commitment.
  9. Preparation of documentation — executive summary and presentations, including coaching on delivery, to obtain financing.

Be sure to review our process for a quick overview of how we work. We bring expertise in renewables, clean technology and health-related industries that deliver strong social/environmental impacts, and stand ready to assist you with moving through the exacting process of obtaining project finance or equity partners.  We have a stellar track record, with consistently high rate of acceptance through careful screening and attention to details.

Coaching & Education:  In3 principals have delivered hundreds of workshops and seminars for thousands of professionals in the US and internationally (see Daniel Robin & Associates).  We also provide individual coaching and group facilitation services that management teams find quite useful. Today we offer programs that clarify and inspire, focus on innovation for sustainability, investing/fundraising, entrepreneurship, management, strategy, effective team communication and more.  Review our educational services overview and ask us about your specific issues, goals or learning objectives.