Renewables Project Finance

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$5M-$500M or more for qualified renewables projects*

In3 puts the power of private capital to work for your business.  We provide radically efficient access to mid-market, “alternative” (non-traditional) lenders and equity partners, guarantors, and specialized services to accelerate renewable resource-related project finance.  We work with companies in both the US and overseas.  New (greenfield) projects as well as established projects seeking expansion, relocation, renovation, or refurbishments can be qualified.

Which exact sectors?  See below for 26 identified industries that comprise our speciality and for which funding has been profiled in our partner’s expert system.  This can be used to fast-track capital formation via a streamlined program that includes vetting and optimization, also described below.

Note that we can still assist with other sectors, but we have particular resource depth in these renewables-related solutions.

Industry sectors and proven technology pathways

  1. Biomass
  2. CSP, CPV (Concentrated Solar Power, Concentrator Photovoltaics)
  3. Energy Efficiency (such as LED lighting retrofits), often in combination with other solutions
  4. Fuel Cells
  5. Geothermal
  6. Hydroelectric
  7. Landfill Gas
  8. Marine (Wave, Tidal, etc.)
  9. Micro Hydro
  10. MicroGridPageLines- Fotolia_7406522_XS.jpg
  11. MRF — Materials Recovery Facility / Enhanced Recycling Center
  12. OTEC — Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
  13. Solar Ground Mount
  14. Solar PV Rooftop
  15. Storage – Battery
  16. Storage – Compressed Air
  17. Storage – Mechanical
  18. Storage – Pumped Hydro
  19. Transmission Line – AC
  20. Transmission Line – HVDC
  21. Waste Recovery / Recycling
  22. Waste Conversion / Waste-to-Energy
  23. Water Distribution
  24. Water Production
  25. Water Reclamation
  26. Water Treatment

Is your sector not listed?  Contact us to discuss.

How does it work?

We use a combination of high tech (private, curated network, expert system assessment tools) and high touch, blending the best of automation with experienced, human sensibilities.  We’ve learned a few things since we began this work back in 1996!

Capital In 3 (easier) Steps:

  1. Qualification –  Screening & Scoring9-point readiness assessment (free) takes less than 5-15 minutes to complete, if you are prepared. Qualifying scores open the door to a matching database of more than $80 billion in capital.*
    Result:  Preparation.
  2. Optimization – Vetting & Packaging:   Run the project through a rigorous 255-point evaluation, in a standardized, investor-oriented format.  This step will address any issues, ensuring the project profile is complete, transparent and ready for investment.
    Result:  Presentation.
  3. Completion – Matching & Financing:  matches project to profiled capital.  Investors see the deal in a blinded, color-coded (heat map) format, starting with a high-level (1 page) summary, then walk through due diligence details, drilling into key areas.
    Result:  Partnership.

Start with this quick readiness assessment then share the report with us to help determine next steps.

Our main industry experience is with small- to mid-scale hydroelectricity, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass/municipal waste conversion, advanced/low-carbon biofuels, municipal solid waste (refuse-derived) fuels, storage and energy efficiency.  In recent years we have also added waste water management, bioremediation, and technology platforms including waste-to-value using pyrolysis or gasification, fermentation/distillation, and biomaterials.

Power generation debt financing available up to the length of the PPA

In3 Finance is a designated loan originator and packager, registered with development finance institutions such as World Bank Group, regional development banks, and US OPIC.  We work with a network of family offices and impact investors worldwide.  For qualified projects, we are partners with a private, curated network of institutional investors focused on renewables-related projects with an expert system process that makes financing radically more efficient and reliable.  See In3 Capital Partners.

Underwriting Criteria

Before taking next steps, learn more about our funding criteria.  Summary version:

  • Experienced team
  • Financial returns (specifically, double-digit unlevered IRRs for equity investors, strong cash flow for lenders)
  • Creditworthy off-takers (if producing electricity, is the power purchaser reputable with stable financial history?)
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) price, terms, termination and buyout values
  • Asset ownership and property rights clearly defined
  • Interconnection (if electricity), environmental impacts, permits.

* NOTE:  In3 also arranges alternative (non-bank) capital for ventures (clarify the difference between ventures and projects) seeking to commercialize renewables-related technology, including capital for feasibility studies, pilot-scale projects, seed-stage and technical assistance grants, from inception to exit. We work with companies in both the US and in these countries, but overseas opportunities focused on emerging markets remain an important part of our focus on impact finance.

To get started with financing your renewable energy project, please provide the following basic facts, or use our Readiness and Investment Navigator (RAIN), and we will respond right away with initial feedback or questions, usually within 48 hours:

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