Capital for Impact & Sustainability

In3 Finance preferentially supports projects and ventures that have a positive social and/or environmental impact in emerging, underserved and under-represented emerging markets and developing economies worldwide.  That said, we also work in the US and other “developed” economies when similar benefits can be obtained through realization of funding.

Does your specific project qualify? We offer several pathways, including expedited access to investment funds — equity and/or debt — for mid-market Start your RAIN assessment ... be sure to save your results and share them with your team and with us!renewables-related projects.  For more information, see below or jump to and complete our fast & easy “RAIN” assessment.

Looking for venture capital or trade finance?  Go here.  Coming soon:!

Interested in capital at or below market rates of interest? See our 8-point “Does my situation qualify?”  See also, overview of Services.

What is Impact Capital?  Impact projects typically improve quality of life, human and/or ecosystem health, create jobs, protect / preserve / restore the natural environment – or at least do no harm – and would become economically self-sustaining.

INDUSTRY SECTOR support includes, but is not limited to:
1) Renewables energy:  solar power/photovoltaics or CPV, small scale hydro (less than 10-20MW, typically), geothermal, waste conversion, wind power, process heat & power ….
2) Electricity infrastructure for distribution, smart grids, etc.
3) Advanced biofuels & proven methods of carbon sequestration
4) Biomass waste-to-energy, waste-to-value, climate protection, pollution prevention
5) Energy storage: stationary (remote, distributed) and mobile storage systems, such as for transportation
6) Energy efficiency – lighting, buildings, transportation, equipment (hydraulics, motors, pumps, etc.), power management systems.
7) Water-related – recovery/reclamation, production, treatment, or distribution.
We have also worked with diverse service industries, including healthcare and financial services oriented toward the poor, health and sustainability products, and other environmental and social ventures not mentioned above.

Equity, debt, or both.  Loans can often be slightly concessionary, medium- or long-term, usually senior debt.  This means slightly below market rates, with 3-20 year loan tenors, where principle can be deferred for up to 24 months.  Equity finance is required to secure most debt funds, and we often assist clients with both forms, though historically we focused on the “limited recourse” project debt component.  A limited recourse loan would, in case of default, only allow the lender to use assets that are listed as collateral in the signed loan agreement (more on loan recourse).

Core technologies must be proven and commercially viable – off-the-shelf or tailored equipment with a history of successful use means little or no technology risk.  If such risks remain, contact us to discuss your situation.  You will need venture capital, or pre-project “development” capital, not traditional project finance.

We will support projects and ventures based in the US in certain industries (biomass, building, food, water and energy, plus a few others) — ask us.  In3 may also be able to assist with gaining the necessary cross-border cooperation on a fee-for-services basis.

Any of these countries are qualified for project finance. To date we have gained the most experience in select countries within

  • Americas: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama; Caribbean nations such as Bahamas, Dom. Republic, Jamaica and Haiti…
  • Southeast Asia:  Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam …
  • Other parts of developing Asia:  Bangladesh, China, Pakistan
  • Middle East & North Africa:  Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Tunisia, UAE …
  • Europe: Northern/Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Norway, Faroe Islands; Southern like Greece, Portugal and Spain; and Eastern European nations like Bosnia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Uzbekistan
  • Sub-Saharan Africa:  Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Senegal, S. Africa, Tanzania.

We bring regional expertise and consulting experience through affiliate advisors in the US, Europe, developing Asia, and Latin America.

In3 Finance can help determine capital strategy, develop or polish your business plan, facilitate your loan application, and ensure that your proposed project meets the funder’s criteria.  See how to qualify or summary of services for more details.
On average, our network has a 91% approval rate with originating loans and guarantees of this type.

Use our readiness assessment, a fast and easy tool that helps you determine your current probability of success with fundraising, then contact us to discuss your situation.  If a renewable energy project — solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, etc. — get started here.