Client History

See below for examples of specific portfolio companies and client work history.  We uphold confidentiality and the highest ethical standards, thus only a choice selection of clients can be publically disclosed.

In3 has directly invested in early stage companies, helped craft winning investment proposals, attracted key management, partners and Board members, completed business plans, finance proposals and offering memoranda, originated loans and completed debt finance transactions (both public and private impact funds), helped with risk assessment and mitigation, formed industry alliances and strategic partnerships, and otherwise assisted the following teams with reaching their goals:

Client Company
Value Delivered
Cetyl Holdings (US)
2017 – present
Plant acquisition and retrofit project finance in the biofuels space.

McBill Engineering Ltd (Ghana)

2017 – present
Originating project finance for a series ground-mount solar/PV arrays; formed consortium to provide technical assistance and financial modeling, up to 300MW.
GCT Anchor Fund (Portugal)
2016 – 2017
Private equity investment fund sponsoring projects in renewable energy in the US and Europe.  Assisted with project finance via In3 Capital Partners expert system, a vetting and fundraising platform focused on the middle market; more than $90 billion in available capital.
Fine Dried Foods Int’l (US)
2014, 2016 – present
One of the largest producers of dried organic tropical fruits.  Business development, strategic planning, metrics and BI analytics, scorecards and project feasibility studies.
BamCore LLC
2016 – present
Revolutionary new way to build.  Embeds bamboo between soft-wood veneers, with multiple patented systems for radical efficiency and building performance.  Pitch presentation and introduction services.  See website.
Diverso Energy (Canada)
Project finance (debt facility) for cost-advantageous, geothermal (Geo-Exchange™) renewable energy used for multifamily, commercial and office building heating and cooling.  See website.
Atlantsmyllan Sp/f (Faroe Islands)
2016 – 2017
Business development and finance for renewable energy projects, favoring island nations and coastal environments.
AQAN LLC (Uzbekistan)
Business development and project finance for cold storage and warehousing of food and related products.
Chazon Energy
2015 – 2016
Business development and finance (stealth mode) for renewable energy and materials company.
Byogy Renewables
2015 – 2016
Capital campaign to further develop and expand opportunities for converting ethanol into A1 Jet Fuel, renewable diesel, food and fiber.
Pinwheel Learning LLC
2015 – present
Business development and finance (stealth mode) for alternative learning and social media company.
Pascuales Partners LLC (Latin America)
2015 – 2016
Capital campaign for radically innovative real estate projects, designed for new urban, mixed-use, master-planned, sustainable neighborhoods, enabling healthy, zero waste, zero carbon and zero water use for residents.  Fundraising strategic advice, media and PR consulting.
NEIN Agriculture Ltd (S. Korea)
Organic poultry project finance package:  business plan narrative, information summary, financial model, and presentation materials.
Encore, Inc. (Senegal)
2014 – 2015
Agriculture value chain project improving grain yields, quality and capacity through post-harvest processing techniques, better storage and transportation systems.  Coaching, planning, writing and investor sourcing.
Confidential (India)
Sale of established small hydroelectric (run-of-the-river) power generation asset in North India.
AgriSmart Inc. (Cote d’Ivoire, Africa)
Project development and planning, presentation package, de-risking, coaching, fundraising and related strategic advice to establish large, sustainable agriculture project in degraded forest lands via public-private partnership.
ALKA Polyester (Turkey)
Project planning, financial modeling, presentation, de-risking, fundraising and related advice to establish large, recycled polyester facility in Turkey.  Expansion project of existing group of companies; visited Saudi Arabian strategic partner.
Mazazul Organics, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
Loan origination, strategic advice, planning, writing, coaching, de-risking and presentation of complete loan package to development finance institution for expansion of food processing operations.  Sponsor:  Fine Dried Foods Int’l.
Aquaponics, Inc. (Hawaii)
Aquaculture and produce technology innovation in the US, with strategic alliances formed into Ghana, West Africa.
Medical Services Int’l (Ghana)
Project development and planning, grant development consulting, coaching and related strategic advice to establish specialized healthcare clinics in Ghana and the surrounding region.
Carbon Drawdown Solutions, Inc. (US, Asia, LatAm)
2013- present
Biomass waste conversion systems, turnkey and proven for energy, biochar and process heat.  Venture development, business planning, joint ventures and strategic partnerships, marketing, sales and project finance assistance.
MBT Infra (India)
2012- 2013
Loan origination for organic agriculture and textiles (via sericulture) in Mozambique, working with small-hold farmers. Project development and packaging.
Asian Development Bank (Indonesia)
Consulting team lead for capacity building project in Southeast Asia (Indonesia ExIm Bank): Energy efficiency project finance and loan/performance guarantee and insurance product development.
Fulcrum Impact Capital / In3 Capital Partners
Public/private debt facility for construction-ready renewable resources projects in the W. Andean region of Latin America.  Proposal development and financial modeling.
Runa LLC (Ecuador)
Project and venture finance for novel nutraceutical / functional beverage product supply chain in Ecuador’s forests: business development, de-risking, and loan origination services.
IyeCare International
Preventable eye disease in emerging and underserved markets: business development, writing and capital formation.
Blume Distillation LLC
Business plan review, strategic fundraising advice, presentation coaching, website and presentation content consulting in advance of a successful capital campaign. Going concern.
Farmhouse Culture
Early stage investor. Consulting.  Going concern.  Now widely distributed via Costco, Whole Foods markets and elsewhere.  In3 took investment exit in 2012.
FreshPower LLC 2009-2012
Business development, capital formation, strategic planning, project management.
Chemical Fabrics & Film Association
Consulting, strategic advise and education on how to shift product strategy toward bioplastics/biopolymers for favorable ratings by USGBC LEED. Annual meeting in Florida.
WISE Solutions, Inc.
2006 -2012
Business development & capital campaign for green chemistry product company. Raised more than $1 million in early stage rounds. Daniel Robin is a shareholder.  Going concern.
Whole Energy Fuels Corp
Capital campaign and strategic alliances. Going concern.
Prime Solar Pty Ltd (Australia)
Polysilicon photovoltaic device manufacturing in India and Germany — fundraising and strategic advice. Going concern.
Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping
1999, 2004
Business planning and debt finance. Going concern.
Matrix Management Consulting (Kuwait)
1993, 2003
Led negotiation skills workshops for Kuwaiti business people; managed project and mediation services to resolve dispute with Kuwaiti government on behalf of infrastructure projects (MEP), airport, roads, etc.
M3 Systems International
Funding and business development of M3ZrO Packaging systems. In3’s Daniel Robin serves on the board of directors.
Kalliste Tours
Marketing consulting, planning, and coaching for luxury European eco-tours in Corsica. Going concern.
Symantec Corporation
Consulting services and culture change. Going concern.
Harris MyCFO
2001, 2003
Business development, culture change, management training and coaching. Acquired.
RollTronics Corporation
Funding and coaching; contributed to funds raised during Series A round.
Architectural Photovoltaic Glass Corp
CIGS photovoltaic (licensed from NREL) and multijunction PV manufacturing, fundraising presentation and consulting.
Technology transfer from coating technology patent holders in Germany to EarthShell first-generation bioplastics (biodegradable) packaging, then based in Santa Barbara. IPO in 1998; acquired in 2006.
Threshold Enterprises, Source Naturals, Hewlett Packard, PG&E, and others

Corporate development, long-term culture change, collaborative leadership and facilitation skills training, performance management, financial incentive and productivity systems using Balanced Scorecard, leadership coaching. See Daniel Robin & Associates clients for details.

Separate listing of complete consulting client history, courseware deliveries and testimonials, and presentations available upon request.