Affiliate Program for Advisory Firms, Asset Managers and Consultants

In3 Finance offers a revenue sharing and referral fee program for those who bring in qualified investment opportunities or new investors.

3-way collaboration

Who is this for?  Consultants, business development professionals, accountants, lawyers, sustainability practitioners, boutique investment banking firms, financial service intermediaries, and probably many others.  What is your niche or your firm’s specialty?

In3’s Affiliates are organized by region (or specific countries), by industry (or groups of industries, such as “renewable resources”) or in some cases by impacts or issues (such as access to sustainable energy, poverty alleviation, clean water, food security, healthy oceans, etc.).

Benefits include gaining access to tools (contracting, assessment, intake, structuring deals), In3 branding (use of logo and email systems), our network of investors and development finance institutions, collaboration on deal flow to make the work easier, and thus generate additional revenue.

As of October 2016, In3 maintains territory representation agreements in the following regions and countries: parts of Australia, South America (Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil), Western Europe (UK, Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland), Eastern Africa (Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya), the countries of South Africa, Jamaica, Indonesia, and in the US in Texas, Florida and Washington, DC.  We are open to new affiliates in other countries or regions than these.  In some cases, with specialization in certain industries, there can be overlap.

Examples of regions where In3 seeks to establish affiliated offices:

  • West Africa (Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal)
  • Vietnam/Cambodia/Mekong Delta region of Southeast Asia
  • Middle East / N. Africa
  • Eastern Europe
  • Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Islands
  • most Central American & Caribbean nations.

When there’s overlap, we can still arrange areas of collaboration toward mutual benefit, such as sharing deal flow and fees.

Affiliates work with us based on a written contract that defines fee-sharing schedules and protects mutual interests.  We prefer experienced consultants and intermediaries, but who doesn’t love to learn?  Contact us for an initial inquiry, to send your firm’s resume, or to learn more.